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Timed Timeout

Business Utilities
Developer: Stony Labs, LLC
2.99 USD

Staring at the computer screen for too long and not aware of it? Timed Timeout reminds you to take a healthy break once in a while.

Nowadays we all glue to the computer screen. Too often. Too long. Time flies and we forget to take a timeout to let our body rest. This app will help you solve this problem.

At set intervals [e.g., every 50-60 min (adjustable)], the screen will automatically dim or blur to make it hard to continue working because you simply cannot see what’s on it. It forces you to stay away from the screen and take a break. Use the timeout to stretch your legs and arms. Have a coffee. Chat with co-workers. Anything you like but staring at the screen. Note: multiple monitors are supported.

After timeout, the screen will automatically resume to normal so you’re back to work. The timer in the background will keep track of time for you so next time when you’ve worked for a prolonged period of time, the screen will go into the timeout mode again.

All settings are adjustable so you can create a perfect balance between activity and timeout for yourself.

Stay healthy!